Welcome to The Local Banyan, where creativity meets the vibrant spirit of the islands!

Embarking on this creative journey with The Local Banyan is my way of sharing the beauty and authenticity of island life through my unique designs.  I've always believed that art should be an expression of freedom and individuality. Here, I've found the perfect canvas to unleash my creativity and bring forth designs that resonate with the carefree, tropical spirit that the islands have imprinted on my soul.

At The Local Banyan, every piece tells a story. Whether it's a vibrant maximalist print, a tranquil depiction of island sunsets, or playful designs featuring iconic elements like pineapples and hibiscus, each creation is infused with the passion and authenticity that only island living can provide.

I invite you to explore our collection, where you'll find a fusion of artistic expression and the laid-back charm of the islands. Each piece is a celebration of my love for art and the unique experiences that island life has afforded me. Thank you for joining me on this creative journey – I hope our designs bring a touch of island magic to your world.

Island-inspired. Creatively Yours, Lyn Founder, The Local Banyan